Inspiring leadership

Great leadership always starts from within

Inspiring Leaders demonstrate Emotional Intelligence and authenticity, where beliefs, words, and actions overlap.

They create trust, a constructive culture, increased morale, employee engagement and staff retention, growing people and growing business in an agile, vibrant work environment.


Leadership development icon by Unchain PotentialLet’s talk about how we can support your managers and leaders through continual change

The first person any leader should influence is the person within. We help to support the thinking of existing leaders, and develop future leaders to:

  • CLARIFY their personal values & what they stand for
  • DEVELOP a leadership mindset
  • UNDERSTAND their own motivations, perspectives, beliefs, attitudes and biases
  • LEAD as role models with Integrity, vision & values
  • ADAPT leadership to individuals and situations
  • DEVELOP a culture for success and, above all…
  • DELIVER business results


How we inspire sustained growth and impact

Whilst any support is developed specifically for your culture, your business, and your leadership needs, our aim is to ensure we combine theoretical leadership knowledge with a chance for:

  • Each individual to truly understand themselves – their behavioural style, personality traits, behaviour in groups, emotional intelligence, their strengths, their impact on others and their deeper values, beliefs, assumptions, biases and traits which impact motivation, performance and quality of leadership.
  • Immersive Learning – Adapting learning to the modern workplace, combining different media with interaction and experience in a mix of stimulating, varied environments.
  • Defined measurements – Success of our programmes is not the delivery of training (that is the easy part). The value is ensuring we see your leaders “Unchain their Potential” and your business grow. We outline measures with you at the start of a programme to define the successes you are looking to achieve.
  • Ongoing Coaching – Valuable behavioural change and growth takes time – we want to help you achieve sustained success through helping each manager and leader put learning into practice, supporting them as they embed personal leadership goals

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Food-for-thought-characterA focus on facts and findings…


As employees and organisations, and the fast pace of change demand more from our leaders, the following research is thought provoking:



… of UK staff state that their manager rarely or never cares about them and their well being (CIPD Spring Outlook, May 2015)


… of UK staff state they do not have any clear objectives to work towards.

CIPD Spring Outlook, May 2015


… of companies don’t feel fully ready to address their leadership issues.

Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report, Feb 2015


… feel uncomfortable with their succession program.

Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report, Feb 2015

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