Embedding change

Change is an inevitable aspect of business life, yet 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver their desired results.

With 5 generations in the workplace, and the business landscape changing faster than at any time in history, all organisations seeking agile, successful change need to address the complexity of how change impacts people.


Change management icon by Unchain PotentialHow can we help you?

We work with organisations to ensure that employees are engaged on three levels:

  • Rational (I understand)
  • Emotional (I care)
  • Behavioural (I can and will)

We can help with all of the following business drivers for change:

  •  Expansion
  • Restructure
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Integration technology driven change
  • Developing new channels to market
  • Improving Process Efficiency
  • Performance Excellence


Is staff engagement to business change a barrier to your desired ROI?

Would change expertise help with the delivery of critical enhancements in your business?

As accredited practitioners of methodology which has been adopted by more than two thirds of the worlds largest organisations, including 80% of the Fortune 500, we empower organisations and individuals through change. Working with you, we can lead your requirements to:

  • DEFINE – the current state & a compelling future state
  • ARTICULATE – the change strategy
  • COMMUNICATE – a considered comms plan to all required stakeholders
  • EMPOWER – Internal Project leaders to facilitate change
  • DELIVER – On Objectives, On Budget, On Time
  • ACHIEVE – Results quicker, ensuring faster business return

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A focus on facts and findings…

The world is changing at a relentless pace, and whilst people don’t resist change, they can resist being changed.

Perhaps that’s why…


… rank organisational agility for change as vital to business success.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013

… executives state that organisational agility is critical to business success and growing in importance over time.

McKinsey Quarterly, Dec. 2009

… obstacle to success for major change projects is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change.

Prosci Best Practices Report, 2014

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