Our approach

Have you ever “learned” new skills, but not embedded the new behaviours?

Known exactly what you should do, but still not done it?


We don’t just deliver training…

we help people and organisations to grow

Imagine if we could get all of your talent highly energised, aligned, pulling in the same direction, sparking creativity amongst each other, challenging each other to greater heights, it is hard to imagine anything but sustainable success.

Energy is the critical force that empowers people and organisations to succeed – the fuel that drives performance. It is why everything we do at Unchain Potential is geared to help everyone we work with to connect to their authentic self, their motivations, their mindset, their values and beliefs, and how they can bring the best of themselves to their role and their organisation.

In short, we seek to leave all our clients re-energised and empowered, filled with ‘connective energy’.

Graphic showing connective energy between two team colleaguesWhat is connective energy?

Connective energy delivers exponential value for internal and external stakeholders with individuals seeking the very best for themselves, colleagues, the wider organisation and the customers they serve. Similarly, the organisation has a unique, powerful connection with their customers, stakeholders and the wider community.

It is a positive energy state with high intensity – the fire in people literally pushing them upwards (as illustrated). It is the most powerful energy in helping individuals and organisations achieve sustained success. It occurs at many levels:

INDIVIDUALS: Connecting to who they truly are – seeking to be the best version of themselves they can be.

TEAMS: Connecting to each other with a shared trust, desire and purpose that creates illuminating synergy.

WORKFORCE: Connecting to their organisation with aligned values, understanding and living the goals and purpose of the company to achieve collective sustained success.

LEADERS: Connecting to every individual they work with, valuing their diversity and adapting their leadership style to inspire the best from each individual.

ORGANISATIONS: Connecting on a deep level to their customers & wider environment.

The 4 levels of energy affecting performance

Creating connective energy graphic by Unchain PotentialHere at Unchain Potential we aim to generate connective energy in people, teams and organisations.

That’s because if your staff and teams fail to manage their energy correctly over time, they risk falling into prolonged ‘traps’, including inertia, complacency, and unfocused activity that erodes enjoyment, quality of performance and results.

Less productive states are when people become comfortable, resigned or corrosive. Read our blog to find our more about the 4 levels of energy fuelling performance.


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