About us

We are specialists in the field of human performance in the workplace.

We create a vibrant and positive work cultureWe work with business leaders who are keen to focus on more than just business results, but to achieve exceptional results through bringing something special to their organisation, through a focus on culture, leadership, team dynamics and talent development.

We inspire authentic leaders within organisationsWe want each of our clients to build sustainable business success by being recognised as a great place to work, with a vibrant, positive culture and authentic, inspiring leaders combining to attract, retain and energise talent who want to stay and grow with your organisation, and who care deeply about your success.

We work with small, medium or large organisations who have one thing in common – you see opportunity to uncap potential inherent in your people.

We will deliver Engagement, Empowerment and Excellence into your business:

ENGAGEMENT: Whether within teams, departments or whole organisations we help you to define the place you aspire to be and help you develop an environment and culture which engages your people, and energises collective and individual performance.

We will energise your staff and unleash their potentialWe help to create dynamic high-performing business teamsEMPOWERMENT: Whether it is your leaders of today or tomorrow, or the unique mix of talent in your organisation, we will help empower every individual to grow both personally and professionally, building their development from the strengths they already possess, and aligned to their own values, beliefs and goals.

EXCELLENCE: People don’t resist change, they resist being changed. We work with you to facilitate and lead the people side of change to ensure excellence across everything you do – from the swift adoption of new systems, processes, structures, or ways of working, to embed change and safeguard a return on investment.

Andrew McLeanAndrew McLean

At the head of Unchain Potential, Andrew is an experienced business leader with a career spanning over 20 years within blue chip companies, the majority at Johnson & Johnson, and including the last 5 years at Director level.

An internationally accredited executive coach, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and accredited provider of many industry leading tools, Andrew specialises in helping leaders, future leaders and teams to develop their thinking, enhancing their impact through connecting with the authentic style and uniqueness of each individual.

Having helped to develop the careers of individuals, transform the performance of many teams, and lead companies through successful cultural and strategic change, Andrew set up Unchain Potential Ltd in 2015 to help individuals and organisation to realise and fulfil their potential. As he says himself: “I have had the fortune to be a part of, and work in, some very positive cultures, where leaders act with integrity, company values are lived and staff retention, engagement, and talent development are recognised as key facilitators of business growth. Those are the companies which I’ve seen create a winning formula, competitive advantage and sustainable success.”

Unchain PotentialCompany values:

  • To work for, and enjoy, the success of others
  • To always work with integrity and honesty as a trusted partner
  • To excel at customer service and collaboration
  • To deliver unequivocal excellence in all aspects
  • To live & inspire respect for the individual
  • To offer wider community and global value through active social responsibility
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